How the climatestudents can change more than just the future of our climate!

Yesterday a colleague asked why I am so committed to share my thoughts on LinkedIn. Why am I so committed to spread my mission to change the healthcaresystem? Why doing so whilst having a busy job and an intense personal life? Indeed… why are some of us doing what we are doing? Why can’t we just sit back and relax in the sofa?

Honestly, sometimes I believe that sitting back and relaxing in the sofa would be a better option. At least a lazier option.

These last few weeks everybody talks about those young students who have had enough of doing nothing. Those young students decided to stand on the barricades for a better climate and are inspiring a whole generation. They are rebels with a cause and have a mission to save our planet.

So that’s why doing nothing isn’t something for me, I told my collegue. If you have some brains, a voice and an opinion…. (so basically everybody) then we should express our mission and be as rebellion as the youngsters.

So here’s my mission! Let’s make healthcare even more caring than it is right now, with more attention for health to ourselves, the other healthcareworkers and ofcourse the patient.

Simply because some people must speak up, otherwise nothing happens.

#besmarternotharder #iDeeLAB

Geen evenementen gevonden!

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